Sol Environmental Science Study Material Download

Sol Environmental Science Study Material

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Environmental Science


Lesson Title Page No.
1 Introduction to Environmental Studies 1-15
2 Ecosystem: Structure of Ecosystem 16-30
3 Ecosystem: Function of the Ecosystem 31-47
4 Ecosystem: Types of Ecosystems and Ecosystem Services 48-58
5 Natural Resources: Land Resource 59-71
6 Natural Resources: Water Resources 72-82
7 Natural Resources: Energy Resources 83-103
8 Biodiversity 104-118
9 Biodiversity Conservation Strategies 119-128
10 Environmental Pollution (Air, Noise and Nuclear Pollution) 1
11 Environmental Pollution( Water, Thermal, Soil and Case Studies) 20
12 Nuclear Hazards and Human Health Risks 40
13 Human Communities and the Environment 52
14 Environmental Legislations in India 64
15 Human Communities and the Environment 72

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