NIOS 314 Biology Books-Study Material Free Download in PDF

Are you a student of Class 12th looking for easy ways to download NIOS 314 Biology Books-Study Material ?  Well, look no further! This article will explore the different methods available to help you easily access and download the materials you need to stay on top of your studies. So read on to find out more!

Introduction to NIOS

The National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) is an esteemed organization under the purview of the Ministry of Human Resource Development, in the Government of India. Established in 1989, the purpose of its creation was to foster open education opportunities across the nation.

NIOS delivers premium education to those students who, for various reasons such as financial difficulties or health issues, cannot attend conventional schools. It offers both theoretical and practical courses at both the secondary and higher secondary levels.

We hope that this information was beneficial to you and answered any questions you may have had. If you require any additional clarification, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

Benefits of NIOS

NIOS has many benefits, including the fact that it is a very flexible and affordable option for students. NIOS offers a wide range of courses and subjects, making it an ideal choice for students who want to study a specific topic in depth. Finally, NIOS also provides students with the opportunity to take examinations online, which can save time and money.

Download NIOS Class 12th 314 Biology Question Paper


Where to Download NIOS 314 Biology Books-Study Material for Class 12th

Numerous websites offer NIOS 314 Biology Books-Study Material for Class 12th students. However, not all of these websites are reliable and trustworthy. Hence, it is important to be careful while choosing a website to download NIOS study material.

Some of the most reliable and trusted websites to download NIOS study material for Class 12th students include:

  1. The official website of NIOS: This is the most obvious and reliable source for downloading NIOS study material.
  2. Websites of reliable educational portals: Many reputed educational portals offer high-quality NIOS study material on their websites. T
  3. Social media groups: Many social media groups are dedicated to helping students prepare for their exams.

List of NIOS-314 Biology Books-Study Material:

Material in PDF 
English Hindi
Curriculum (651 KB)
First Page
Module 1 पाठ्यक्रम 1 : विविधता तथा जीवन का विकास
Lesson : 1 Origin and Evolution of Life and Introduction to Classification (635 KB) पाठ 1. जीवन कि उत्पत्ति एवं विकास और वर्गिकरण से परिचय (1.00 MB)
Lesson : 2 The Kingdom Monera, Protoctista and Fungi (634 KB) पाठ 2. जगत मोनेरा, व फंजाई (857 KB)
Lesson : 3 Kingdom Plantae and Animalia (630 KB) पाठ 3. पादप जगत (प्लांटी) और प्राणी जगत (ऐनिमैली)(857 KB)
Lesson 4. Cell Structure and Function (630 KB) पाठ 4. कोशिका संरचना एवं कार्य(857 KB)
Lesson 5 : Tissues and other Level of Organization (630 KB) पाठ 5. ऊतक तथा संघटना के अन्य स्तर(857 KB)
Module 2 पाठ्यक्रम 2 : पादप तथा जीवो के प्रकार एवं प्रकार्य
Lesson 6. Root system (634 KB) पाठ 6. मूल तत्र (657 KB)
Lesson 7. Shoot system (638 KB) पाठ 7. प्ररोह तत्र (657 KB)
Lesson 8. Absorption, Transport and Water Loss in Plants (638 KB) पाठ 8. पोधों मै अवशोषण, परिवहन और जल क्षय (वाष्पोत्सर्जन) (657 KB)
Lesson 9. Nutrition in plants – Mineral Nutrition (640 KB) पाठ 9. पादपों मै पोषण – खनिज पोषण (657 KB)
Lesson 10. Nitrogen Metabolism (640 KB) पाठ 10. नाइट्रोजन उपापचय (657 KB)
Lesson 11. Photosynthesis (640 KB) पाठ 11. प्रकाश संशलेषण (657 KB)
Lesson 12. Respiration in Plants (648 KB) पाठ 12. पादपों मै श्वसन (657 KB)
Lesson 13. Nutrition and Digestion (648 KB) पाठ 13. पोषण और पाचन (657 KB)
Lesson 14. Respiration and Elimination of Nitrogenous Wastes (648 KB) पाठ 14. श्वसन और नाइट्रोजन अपशिष्ट पदार्थो का निष्कासन (657 KB)
Lesson 15. Circulation of Body Fluids (648 KB) पाठ 15. देह – तरल पदार्थो का परिसंचरण (657 KB)
Lesson 16. Locomotion and Movement (648 KB) पाठ 16. संचलन एवं गति (657 KB)
Lesson 17. Coordination and Control – The Nervous and Endocrine Systems (648 KB) पाठ 17. समन्वय और नियंत्रण : तंत्रिका-तंत्र और अंत:स्रावी तंत्र (657 KB)
Lesson 18. Homeostasis: The Steady State (648 KB) पाठ 18. समस्थापन: स्थायी अवस्था (657 KB)
Module 3 पाठ्यक्रम 3 : जनन एवं आनुवंशिकी
Lesson 19. Reproduction in Plants (648 KB) पाठ 19. पादपो में जनन (657 KB)
Lesson 20 :Growth and Development in Plants (648 KB) पाठ 20. पोधे में वृद्धि और परिवर्धन(657 KB)
Lesson 21 Reproduction and Population Control (648 KB) पाठ 21. जनन व जनसंख्या नियंत्रण(657 KB)
Lesson 22: Principles of Genetics (648 KB) पाठ 22. आनुवंशिकी के सिद्धांत(657 KB)
Lesson 23 : Molecular Inheritance and Gene Expression (648 KB) पाठ 23. वंशागति एवं जीन अभिव्यक्ति(657 KB)
Lesson 24: Genetics and Society (648 KB) पाठ 24. आनुवंशिकी तथा समाज(657 KB)
Module 4 पाठ्यक्र्म 4 : पर्यावरण एवं स्वास्थ्य
Lesson 25: Principles of Ecology (648 KB) पाठ 25. पारिस्थितिकी के नियम(657 KB)
Lesson 26: Conservation and Use of Natural Resources (648 KB) पाठ 26. प्राकर्तिक संसाधनो का प्रयोग एवं संरक्षण (657 KB)
Lesson 27: Pollution (648 KB) पाठ 27. प्रदूषण(657 KB)
Lesson 28: Nutrition and Health (648 KB) पाठ 28. पोषण और स्वास्थ्य(657 KB)
Lesson 29: Some Common Human Diseases (648 KB) पाठ 29. कुछ सामान्य मानव रोग(657 KB)
Module 5 पाठ्यक्रम 5 जीव विज्ञान के उभरते क्षेत्र
Lesson 30: Biotechnology (648 KB) पाठ 30. जैवप्रोद्योगिकी(657 KB)
Lesson 31: Immunobiology: An Introduction (648 KB) पाठ 31. प्रतिरक्षा जैविकी :एक परिचय(657 KB)
Practical Manual (2412 KB)
Sample Question Paper (639 KB)

How to Prepare for Exams Using NIOS 314 Biology Study Materials

If you’re looking to download NIOS study material for class 12th, then there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

  1. Visit the NIOS website and create an account.
  2. Once logged in, head to the ‘Downloads’ section. First and foremost, you need to make sure that you have a reliable internet connection. Once you’ve checked that, follow the steps below
  3. You’ll find all the study material for class 12th under different subjects.
  4. select the file you want to download and hit the ‘Download’ button.
  5. That’s it! Your file will now start downloading automatically.

Question 1. How can I download the NIOS 314 Biology study material?

Answer 1. The process of downloading the 314 Biology study material is quite simple and straightforward. Follow these steps to download the study material:

  • Step 1: Visit the official website of NIOS.
  • Step 2: Click on the “Student Zone” section.
  • Step 3: Select “Study Material” from the list of options.
  • Step 4: Choose the subject for which you want to download the study material.
  • Step 5: Click on the “Download” button to save the study material on your device.

Question 2. Is the study material available in different languages?

Answer 2. Yes, the study material is available in multiple languages, including English, Hindi, and other regional languages.

Question3 . Can I purchase a NIOS 314 Biology hard copy of the study material?

Answer3. Yes, you can purchase a hard copy NIOS 314 Biology of the study material from the regional centers of the NIOS. The cost of the hard copy may vary based on the subject and the type of study material.


We have discussed the easy steps to download NIOS 314 Biology study material for class 12th. Following these steps, you can easily access and download the required books and other resources needed for your studies. It will provide a great platform to learn, practice and understand the various topics under different subject areas. With this material in hand, it will be easier to get ahead in your studies.

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