IGNOU Assignment Front Page pdf Download 2022-2023 -2022

Every student features a query that what to write down on the IGNOU Assignment Front Page which they need to undergo the concerned study center of IGNOU.

IGNOU Assignment Front Page 2022

it’s compulsory to form the front page of every subject’s assignment in order that evaluator can easily understand and realize the small print of the submitted assignment. The front page also makes it easier for evaluators to faster the method of evaluation.

Candidates need to submit their assignments only to the coordinator of their study center only.

IGNOU Assignment Front Page & Cover Page

At the time of writing your assignments or after completion of assignments, candidates are confused that what to write down on the primary page of their IGNOU Assignment so here may be a solution of your queries.

we’ve made an inventory of all required details and knowledge to be written at the duvet page of your assignment solution.

Each and each detail is given at the subsequent list is compulsory to write down on the page.

Programme Full Name
Course Code
Course Title
Assignment Code
Study Centre
Session Month & Year
Mobile Number
Enrollment Number
Student Name
Residence Address

IGNOU Assignment Front Page PDF

If you would like to download the readymade print format of the IGNOU Assignment Cover page then you’ll download an equivalent from the given link. you only got to take a printout employing a printer and write all required information thereon before submission of the IGNOU Assignment.

Click To Download IGNOU Assignment Front Page PDF

Click here to Download IGNOU Assignment Front  Page PDF

You have to connect this PDF file while submitting your online assignment to IGNOU and confine mind that you simply need to do an equivalent for all of your subjects.

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Step by Step Instructions to organize IGNOU Assignment

Candidates are requested to read each point carefully to stop from making mistakes while writing the assignment of IGNOU. we’ve created the instructions point wise in order that you’ll read and know it easily.

  • Use only foolscap size paper or A4 size paper to write down your assignments. don’t use thin papers.
  • Leave a minimum of one or a couple of lines after completing your one answer in order that the evaluator writes a useful discuss blank areas.
  • We recommend using ruled paper rather than blank paper to write down your assignment because it’s also advised by the IGNOU officials.
  • Candidates can use a Black or Blue pen to write down their assignments for any TEE session.
  • Candidates aren’t allowed to use the Red pen or other colour’s pen.
  • Better handwriting also benefits for best marking in your assignment work.
  • Candidates need to write their assignments with their hand.
  • don’t print or type your assignments with the assistance of a computer which isn’t allowed.
  • they can’t copy their answer from any units/blocks given by the university. If you copied any answer then you’ll get zero marks for that copied question.
  • Candidates need to write an assignment solution together with your own help, if you copied any assignments from other students then your assignment are going to be rejected by the centre.
  • Prepare or write each course assignment separately. don’t write every assignment in one set.
  • Write each question before a solution so you don’t got to attach question paper while submitting the assignment.
  • After finishing the work of assignment writing, use a paper file and arrange all of your assignments during a proper manner. (Note: Plastic file won’t be accepted by the university in any circumstances).
  • Candidate must be sent their complete assignments to the coordinator of the allotted study centre. you can’t send to the other IGNOU centre like Regional Centre, Evaluation Division, and Registration for evaluation.
  •  it’s noted that the candidates need to submit their assignment personally so you can’t send it through email, post or courier.
  •  Don’t forget to receive the receipt for the submission of the assignment.
  • After submitting your assignments to the coordinator, they send an acknowledgement to the study centre.
  • If you’ve got applied to vary your study centre then you’ve got to send your assignments to the first centre until you probably did not get any confirmation from the University of study centre change. If you bought a notice from the university for successfully change centre then you’ll submit it to the new centre.

We request to all or any our candidates that please read and ask every point given above and send.

Without writing assignments and submission, no candidates are going to be permitted to attend any of the examination conducted by IGNOU.

Even students aren’t eligible to fill their IGNOU Exam sort of any session if they did not submit their required assignments to the university before the last date of the submission deadline.

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